17 January 2018


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Move over beef patties and chicken drumsticks, there’s a new wave of eating knocking at the kitchen door, and it involves eating small creatures found in the garden. Anteater is the new business to hit dinner plates around the country, and is enjoying early admiration from top chefs after being founded by Bex De Prospo and Peter Randrup in May 2016.

Major for its environmental and health benefits, the team believe eating insects is a huge step forward in the mission to find alternative protein sources as the world population continues to boom and growing livestock becomes more and more unsustainable. A chance meeting at a Christchurch Start-Up weekend where Bex was privy to hearing Peter’s ‘insane’ idea on eating insects, led to the two chatting and deciding quickly they would make a great partnership in bringing this idea to life.

Lemongrass ants, which are wild harvested from the Canterbury region, have a tangy flavour and can be used as a garnish for meals, while locusts or ‘sky prawns’ are a native to New Zealand, so diners can rest easy knowing their food was grown free-range and just down the road.

As with all great ideas, the duo remain tight-lipped on the top secret aspects like how the ants are actually harvested, but are happy to tell you the little creatures make a tastier meal than you might assume. Receiving rave reviews from some of the country’s top chefs, the fine dining crowd are the first to try out the new treats, but the creators hope the unusual menu offering will soon become the norm as New Zealanders embrace a new way of eating.


Location Christchurch
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by Supplied