16 December 2017


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Duffle & Co

It was whilst travelling in India back in 2015 when he came across a number of poorly paid but extremely talented craftsmen and women, that Danny Pritchard called his to-be business partner Kai Daniel, to discuss creating a business to do something about the inequity witnessed. From humble beginnings when they spent their combined savings on 100 bags and stored them back home in New Zealand in first a laundry and then a garage, Duffle & Co has now well and truly found its feet.

The two-person team, being painfully aware of how easily fashion businesses can harm their workers by simply not paying them enough, and not content to fall into the trap of paying low wages and making huge profits, decided Duffle & Co would do things a little differently.

Sleek and sophisticated, Duffle & Co.’s products are the sort of items to last a lifetime, and because quality always looks good, these bags, wallets and clothing aren’t going to make you look dated any time soon. With the entire range made using the highest quality materials (and avoiding unnecessary chemicals where possible), the bags, wallets and clothing are gentle on the people and the planet.

Not only do the guys make sure they pay a wage worth working for, something which is setting them apart from big fashion corporations and proving a popular reason for customer interest back home in New Zealand, they also meet and get to know their workers from all over the globe.

Promising to keep open minds when it comes to where to source their products, Danny and Kai will continue to work with developing communities, and with plenty of ideas in the bank when it comes to new items, this is a community-conscious brand worth keeping an eye on.


Location Wellington
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by Supplied