16 December 2017


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Greenroots Juicery

If you long ago gave up on juice due to its high sugar and nasty additives, it’s time to start afresh and pick up a bottle of the good stuff from Greenroots Juicery instead. Cold-pressed, raw, unpasteurised and super super fresh, this specialist juice company is redefining what the world’s favourite blended drink has to look and taste like.

Started by partners Will and Katie in 2014, the business uses certified organic ingredients as their first choice, while non-certified organic and spray-free are used only when the former proves elusive. With the main focus being aimed at introducing their juices as a cleansing and elixir based food group, only the best possible produce is processed to ensure each and every customer is treated to the same health kick – not a chemical cocktail. Believe it or not, juice can really be a super drink, and the slow and steady cold-pressing technique adopted by Greenroots Juicery is paramount to ensuring all those good little enzymes, vitamins and minerals from each of the fruits and veges are passed over to the final product.

100% recyclable packaging means there’s less stress on the environment, and as Mother Nature is providing all the organic goods to go in the juices, it seems only right to treat her well post drinking too. Keen for you to ‘drink yourself clean’, Greenroots Juicery offer a selection of cleansing packs, plus plenty of support and advice if you’re a first timer to this sort of thing. Otherwise, find Katie and Will, plus their smiley staff, out and about at markets and expos in Christchurch.  Their blends are also available in selected stores around the country or order your pack of elixirs online for nationwide delivery.


Location Christchurch
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by Supplied