22 November 2017


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Honey Wrap

For smart kitchen folk and lovers of leftovers trying hard to cut down on their plastic use, Honeywrap is the answer. Used as an alternative for plastic wrap, the colourful new enterprise is slowly but surely finding its way into NZ homes. 

Created by Jo, Tara and Amy, three friends and mothers from the Auckland area, Honeywrap was made in response to observing a school project where children used fabric as a material for keeping food fresh. A combination of love for the environment and colourful design has led them to a successful trade and a huge step in the direction of reducing plastic.

A dedication to using organic cotton came about after research into the huge amount of toxic waste produced when growing the crop; harming waterways, wildlife and eventually the people wearing it. Organic cotton is pesticide free meaning your food is kept fresh and your conscience clean.

Beeswax is used for its anti-bacterial, water repellent and indefinite shelf life properties, making it an easy choice as an alternative to plastic, while Jojoba oil and tree resin (with similar properties) finish off the perfect recipe. 

The wraps can be easily molded over plates, bowls and containers and will form a more secure seal as the beeswax hardens in the fridge. Easy to clean too, Honeywraps just need a dust down, and a rinse in mild detergent and cold water.

The business ships worldwide so location is no excuse for not jumping on the bandwagon and sprucing up your own lunchbox, fridge or next dinner party, while reusable shopping bags and mesh produce bags mean supermarket shopping plastic free is taken care of too. 


Location Auckland
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by Supplied




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