22 November 2017


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Just Another Fisherman

Fishing fans who enjoy a good tee and pair of shorts can count themselves lucky these days, with the clever invention of Just Another Fisherman.

The net was first cast out in 2012 when a group of keen fishermen decided having something comfy as well as fashionable to wear whilst doing what they loved, was an idea not yet spawned in New Zealand. Priding itself on the design and execution of comfortable, efficient and practical clothing, Just Another Fisherman is providing sea lovers with the chance to prove their love of the sea, even when they’re cruising about on land.

Their beautifully laid out website is your main stop to not only purchase your own wares, but also read up on plenty of other fishy tales shared by fellow adventurers. There’s a sense of community going on, and a team of sponsored fishermen throughout Australasia provide a sense of companionship and connection across the oceans, and are happy to be ambassadors for a brand they love.

Catering to both fishy fans, and those who are generally into neat street wear, the clothing comfortably bridges the gap between outdoor enthusiasts and those all about aesthetics. You’ll be sorted tip to toe with JAF gear, with the range including socks, shirts and hoodies, as well as every accessory you could ever need whilst downstream; soaps, rods, mugs and rescue balm.

Recently launching The Fisherman’s Den in Auckland, the clothing is now available for big city kids to go check out in person, and with more exciting retail products promised it’s certainly a place to keep an eye on.

Location Auckland
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by Supplied