22 November 2017


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Lyttelton Lights

Started by husband and wife duo Laura and Andreas Frankenschmidt in 2014, Lyttelton Lights is a candle company with a glittering difference. Starting small at marketplaces, the team of two now have a workshop to call their own and supply customers nationwide. Also open to curious visitors, the workshop is a beautiful space to get creative, plus get the inside scoop on how those elegant little handfuls of natural soy wax are made.

Handprinted with 22ct precious metal gold, and poured by hand, these candles are putting a little something special into the previously so-so gift. With flavours like fig & apple blossom and bergamot & lime (and even the prettiest wick-trimmer you’ve ever seen), it’s easy to see how this company is focused on luxury.  A burn time from 22 – 110 hours depending on your candle size of choice, means these sweet-smelling creative endeavours are to be enjoyed night after night.

Beautifully simplistic in design, Lyttelton Lights is truth to the old adage ‘less is more’, and their packaging too speaks volumes about the thought and effort put in to creating something unique. Proud to put their name to a product of true quality, Lyttelton Lights are ensuring candles don’t have to be poor quality, garishly coloured or made anywhere else but New Zealand.

Location Christchurch
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by Naomi Haussmann