17 January 2018


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Any Wellingtonian will be quick to tell you our little capital is a great city for walking in, but when the urge takes you to travel a little further afield it quickly becomes essential to have some four wheel transport. But with car-fueled adventures happening only a portion of the time, it would be more economic (and a whole lot nicer) not to own one, but share one instead. That’s where Mevo comes in.

The brainchild of a couple of mates, Finn and Erik, the brand spanking new company aims to reinvent the idea of car sharing. Having both spent a generous amount of time overseas in places where not owning a car was a common occurrence, they could see on return to NZ that our bustling little capital was missing something vital.

Set to be New Zealand’s first ever electric car share, the scheme covers the cost of insurance, petrol, charging and maintenance from a flat fee paid by subscribed members. Limited numbers of these ensure cars are readily available to be picked up from their home ‘pods’ where by simply using your smartphone to unlock them and unplugging them from charge, they are then yours for the desired amount of time.

An extension of the idea that it’s better to buy quality than quantity, and with plans to create the ‘best damn car share possible’, you’ll be riding easy in the latest Audi A3 Sportback e-tron. Sharing has never looked so good. The combination of modern electric vehicles and accumulation of carbon credits in excess of what they actually need, means Mevo is working towards climate regeneration one positive kilometre at a time.


Location Wellington
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by Luke Calder Photography