22 November 2017


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The Caker

Jordan Rondel is not your ordinary 20-something young woman. In 2010 she took the leap to push start her own business based on simply the love for baking and the positive reinforcement from satisfied cake eaters.

Once a solo pursuit, popularity has meant The Caker family now consists of four bakers, two front-of-house and four managers (including Jordan herself). Proud to be an all-woman team, each has come to the bakers table with her own set of skills and backgrounds, including fashion, law, marketing and arts, so it’s not surprising an average day at The Caker could consist of anything from impromptu photoshoots, to testing new flavours, to working on promotions. Having more than doubled the numbers of staff in a year, it’s easy to see this is a sweet business that is only moving forwards.

An emphasis on dairy and gluten-free sweet treats mean no-one misses out on the fun, and your cakey delight won’t leave you feeling over hyped on sugar. The women happily supply for weddings, birthdays, celebrations or simply for the love of cake. Steering clear of dodgy food colouring or sickly fondant, the team is unyielding in their ethos to use only best quality ingredients. And for those who are perhaps too time poor to follow a recipe all the way through, but still want a perfectly home baked cake, The Caker’s baking mixes are the answer to your kitchen woes. Prepared with high quality ingredients, the mixes simply require the addition of a few simple ingredients and the rest is history, the cake practically bakes itself. They also make the most beautiful gifts for anyone with a sweet tooth.

With recipes now appearing weekly in Sunday magazine, as well as her popular blog and well-followed social media, the young professional who started it all off has well and truly set the bar high for aspiring bakers. Author of two books as well (one of which sold out quickly after publishing) Jordan and her team show no signs of hanging up their aprons any time soon.


Location Auckland
Words by Rosie Morrison & Images by James Lowe