Barkers Foodstore & Eatery, Geraldine

Sitting alongside Marmite and baked beans in a quintessentially Kiwi pantry, you’ll find the chutneys, jams, jellies, syrups and more of another iconic Kiwi brand.

Shelves lined with Barkers of Geraldine jars.
The tasting room inside Barkers of Geraldine.
Close up of a hand holding a jar of jam.
People milling about inside the tasting room.
A woman pouring syrup inside the complimentary tasting station.
Close up of syrup bottles in a row on a table.
Close up of a flat white on a table.
Close up of Allpress coffee bags on a shelf.
The interior of the Barker's cafe.
Close up of milk being poured on cereal.
Inside the cafe.
Close up of avocado on toast.
People dining outside under a verandah.
The exterior of the Barker's cafe.

Sitting alongside Marmite and baked beans in a quintessentially Kiwi pantry, you’ll find the chutneys, jams, jellies, syrups and more of another iconic Kiwi brand. For over half a century now, Barkers has been operating from its Pleasant Valley farm at the foot of the Southern Alps – where its late founder, Anthony Barker, picked the first elderberry that would change everything.

To mark its rich 50-year history with a bang, the company has rolled out its greatest venture yet: Barker’s Food Store & Eatery. Set on the banks of the Waihi River in Geraldine, the new home’s impressive glass frame and open-planned interior unites the space with the forest floors and flowing streams – an appropriate setting for a business so in touch with its natural world.

Once an experience only available via the jar in your fridge, the cafe and tasting room environment is an opportunity for locals and visitors to fully immerse in the world-class products. At the heart of the building is a glistening spectacle of 600 bottles and jars showcasing the full range under one roof. A complimentary station stocked with condiments, syrups and sodas also offers the opportunity to try before you buy.

Extending into the open-planned eatery, a seasonal menu and generously stocked cabinet features dishes paired with a Barkers favourite. Avocado on toast comes topped with beetroot relish, house-made granola with dollops of compote and pies made from scratch and stuffed with free range pork belly and pear and fig chutney. A kid’s menu full of tasty options and colouring-in activities designed by the local school, makes it an especially fun time for any small humans you have in tow.

Enroute to the mountains and lakes? Here’s your excuse to pull over and fill your tank with freshly baked brioche donuts, custard squares, danishes, eclairs and cakes made in-house daily. We recommend leaving your discipline in the driver’s seat and running to the cabinet before it has the chance to catch up.

Barkers' commitment to the community has been unwavering since day one, giving jobs to over 250 townsfolk and supporting endless neighbourhood projects. In continuing with this theme, the team has made sure the new venue champions an abundance of goods produced by like-minded folk. You’ll find free-range eggs and meat from just down the road, creamy goods from Geraldine Cheese Company and Clearwater Farm yoghurt, herbs from the garden out back, Allpress Espresso brewed all day long, wine from 27 Seconds and an ever-changing supply of craft brews dropped off by Punky Brewster.

Earthy colours and plenty of natural sunlight exhales comfort and serenity into the space, with Barker’s bottles repurposed as light fixtures, foliage running wild, murals by Geraldine artist, John Badcock and a mix match of pastel chairs adding extra charming characteristics. As well as indoor seating to accommodate 100 eaters, you’ll find a sunny patio to settle into and there’s even a conference room out back for those wanting to do good business.

Barkers' new chapter is a serious page turner that celebrates an incredible past and paves the way for an exciting future. Geraldine – you’ve got some seriously bragging material with these guys in your backyard.