Best scones in Christchurch

A nod to our British colonial history, the humble scone is synonymous with New Zealand hospitality and a staple of our café culture.

Jam on scones.

Here are some of the neatest local scone spots in Christchurch ....

Scones at Grain.


19 Southwark Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

If you picture the quintessential cheese scone, it will look like those served at Grain. Rustically rounded with green flecks of chives, it is served in two perfectly toasted halves. With a crispy cheesey shell, the Grain scone strikes the right balance between chewy and fluffy. Its spongey centre comes from using two types of cheese and buttermilk says co-owner and baker Sophie Dewar, who also sticks to the classic Edmond’s accoutrement, cayenne pepper.

Baked fresh each morning, the doughy goods are often gone before lunchtime, with some customers even texting ahead to reserve their serving - not that you’d expect anything less at the pristine Southwark St café run by hospitality and coffee maestros. Scone aficionados can enjoy their doughy delight to takeaway, or sit amongst the fresh white, wood and exposed brick interior.

Scones at Unknown Chapter.

Unknown Chapter

254 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

Like all the baking in the impressive cabinet at this stylish mid-town eatery, Unknown Chapter’s scones are from the recipe book of the owner’s mother. Served toasted with butter, the scones are also accompanied by a cheese wafer and micro greens. An impressive sight for arguably the most modest of baked treats.

Generously portioned, these homely creations are made on site where Unknown Chapter prepares all its other edibles, and even roasts its own coffee beans. Like all the other cafés visited, customers call ahead to make sure they won’t miss out on their scone. One man is such a devout dough lover he doesn’t even take a bag, and just walks out with his scone on his hand.