Five of the best: where to fill your own beer

Bring your own bottle? How about filling your own bottle - of delicious, fresh craft beer, that is.

A bottle being filled up with craft beer at The Brewery Christchurch.

We know the local shops housing the craftiest brews ready to be selected - and poured - by you. Now that is what we call takeaways.

The entrance to Pomeroy's.

Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn

292 Kilmore Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

One of the city’s coolest little pubs also has a very cool four tap rigger filler in its brewery. Here, the taps are pouring Beer Baroness when the brewery is open, loosely midday to 5pm on weekdays and a few hours on a Saturday.

Just like the relaxed, welcoming pub atmosphere of Pomeroy’s the brewery is laid back, too. Those seeking the fresh pours are asked to “just ring the bell” so Cameron the brewer can help you out. Cameron will also let you in on some insider brewing info and give you a glimpse of what goes into the fresh brew you’re about to drink straight from the source.

A man and a woman pouring beer at Three Boys Brewery Christchurch.

Three Boys Brewery

592 Ferry Road, Woolston

Three Boys Brewery has been offering rigger and growler fills direct from the brewery since 2013. Currently they have up to ten ever changing options of brewery fresh beer straight from the door to customers’ bottles - preferably non-plastic ones. The boys (and girls) at Three Boys suggest bringing in glass or stainless steel bottles, and even have some available there for purchase.

A man pouring beer at The Brewery.

The Brewery

3 Garlands Road, Christchurch

Visiting the home of Cassels at The Tannery is always a treat, so why not take some of that treat home with you? At the bar you can fill your own reusable vessel with the offerings of extra pale ale, APA, milk stout, lager, pilsner, dunkel and other limited release beers. How’s that for a doggy bag?

A customer being served at Punky Brewster.

Punky Brewster

22B Tyne Street, Addington, Christchurch

Focussed on takeaway beer straight from the keg, Punky Brewster has 20 taps pouring some of New Zealand’s best craft beer. Customers can try before they buy, a tempting offer when lesser known labels sit next to well known varieties. They're adventurous with their selection and committed to filling Cantabrians with the freshest possible beer in flavours they love.

Beer taps at Brew Moon Brewing Company.

Brew Moon Brewing Company

12 Markham Street, Amberley

This ‘fillery’ is based just metres from where the Brew Moon magic happen at its Amberley distillery. Here, 16 taps pour the freshest possible home brand beers. Everything from the Moon’s fresh and light raspberry-infused blonde ale to the ever-popular IPAs and rich, dark Belgian Strong Ale. Staff love to be quizzed on their brews, and charge $3 less if you bring your own reusable vessel.