Iced drinks to see out summer

Wednesday 21st of March marks the 2018 Autumn Equinox for us in here in the Southern Hemisphere, marking the first official day of … Autumn.

A hand holding a drink.

Christchurch & Canterbury

Eat & Drink

While crisp mornings and cool dark nights are soon to be upon us, there’s still plenty of warmth around in the Garden City which prompted us to take a look at some of our favourite iced drinks to enjoy while we still can. Cheers to that.

A woman drinking the iced chai at Hello Sunday.

Iced Chai, Hello Sunday

6 Elgin Street, Sydenham
Christchurch & Canterbury

The whole homemade-tastes-better thing might seem like a bit of a broken-record sentiment these days, but Hello Sunday’s iced chai is a fresh reminder of how this really does ring true.

Concocted from a house-made chai tea containing a perfect blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper and cloves with black tea, coconut milk and a hint of sweetness, the iced chai is served in a tall glass filled to the brim with ice, making each sip a refreshing, lightly spiced delight that is bound to cool anyone down on a sizzling late summer’s day in Christchurch.

Kadett's Kakigori on a table.

Kakigōri, Kadett

371 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch Central
Christchurch & Canterbury

Kadett’s kakigōri, a Japanese shaved ice treat, is a delicious and instant whole-body-cool-down. It’s sublimely refreshing – not just in its icy makeup, but as an innovative addition to the cold drinks landscape in the city.

Made with a Kadett-crafted matcha syrup poured over a glass of chipped ice with a drizzle of condensed milk, the kakigōri is a rejuvenating and interesting pick-me-up on the hottest of days. Pair it with something from Kadett’s majestic menu (kimchi toastie, perhaps?) and you’ll be well and truly satisfied.

A hand holding a mimosa.

Mimosa, Little Poms

294 Kilmore Street

Prosecco, orange juice, a generous scoop of ice and a sprinkle of fresh blueberries are the four magic ingredients that make Little Pom’s Mimosa so hard to look past. Particularly relevant in the summer heat but also perhaps equally as necessary in the depths of winter, the mimosa hits the booze-to-juice ratio just perfectly and is a nice little summer mood-lifter (due to the vitamin C, of course).