Neatest places for loaded fries

We take a look at the neatest places to grab the loadedest plates in the city.

A bowl of loaded fries at Lower 9th Diner restaurant in Christchurch.

Crowd-pleasing, appetite-appeasing and rarely too greasy, there was once a time when tampering with the simple recipe of deep fried potatoes could not have been imagined. That time has now passed and we are presented with mouthwatering, Instagram-featuring loaded fries.

A bowl of halloumi fries on a table at Welles Street in Christchurch.

Welles Street

44 Welles Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch

Two words: Halloumi fries. At Welles Street the hard, salty cheese is cut into strips and fried until it is soft on the inside of a delicious crispy shell. To make matters more enticing, the fries are topped with pomegranate, sumac-infused mayo and mint.

Using Zany Zeus Halloumi, the fries are inspired by Welles Street’s love of Mediterranean fare, and the halloumi fries are a welcome addition to Christchurch’s loaded fries offerings. A delightful combination of sweet, salty, fried and fresh these little guys are a perfect sharing dish over lunch or dinner, or a great nibble enjoyed with a drink.