Neatest places for loaded fries

We take a look at the neatest places to grab the loadedest plates in the city.

A bowl of loaded fries at Lower 9th Diner restaurant in Christchurch.

Crowd-pleasing, appetite-appeasing and rarely too greasy, there was once a time when tampering with the simple recipe of deep fried potatoes could not have been imagined. That time has now passed and we are presented with mouthwatering, Instagram-featuring loaded fries.

A bowl of loaded fries at Sister Kong restaurant in Christchurch.

Sister Kong

123 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

Like its bao buns and creative cocktails, Sister Kong’s loaded fries have a cult following in the Garden City.

At this Hong Kong-inspired eatery, loaded fries means crispy shoestrings topped with shiitake mushroom, fried shallots, coriander, truffle mayo and a 16 spice seasoning.

Co-owner Sally Hooper says the secret of the dish’s success lies in the seasoning and truffle mayo; the two perfectly complementing each other with the spicy seasoning balanced by the indulgently rich and creamy mayo.

Bringing subtle Asian flavours to the humble frie, it is not wonder these are a very popular sharing and side dish at the Victoria Street restaurant.

A chef holding two containers of loaded fries from The Vagabond Chefs in Christchurch.

The Vagabond Chefs

The Vagabond Chefs, AKA Morgan and Andy, spread their loaded fries all over town as their roving food truck parks up in varying locations. Alongside their other dishes, the chefs offer two varieties of loaded fries, and have introduced Asian flavours to the French-Canadian favourite, poutine.

The shoestring fries are seasoned with a special sea salt blend and topped with either pulled pork or braised beef. The Char sui pulled pork option is inspired by popular loaded fries available abroad, and is like no other option in town. Taking “loaded” quite literally, the portions are generous, tasty and oh-so-moreish.

The cooking duo are driven by their love of Asian flavours presented in new ways, as is evident with their second loaded fries topping; braised beef with soy and ginger. Topped with spring onion and crispy shallots this offering delivers a refreshing but not too spicy kick.

Find the Vagabond Chefs by following their weekly calendar on Facebook and Instagram, or by visiting their regular spots across the city.

A bowl of halloumi fries on a table at Welles Street in Christchurch.

Welles Street

44 Welles Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

Two words: Halloumi fries. At Welles Street the hard, salty cheese is cut into strips and fried until it is soft on the inside of a delicious crispy shell. To make matters more enticing, the fries are topped with pomegranate, sumac-infused mayo and mint.

Using Zany Zeus Halloumi, the fries are inspired by Welles Street’s love of Mediterranean fare, and the halloumi fries are a welcome addition to Christchurch’s loaded fries offerings. A delightful combination of sweet, salty, fried and fresh these little guys are a perfect sharing dish over lunch or dinner, or a great nibble enjoyed with a drink.