Where to find the best sushi in Christchurch

Whether you’re in the market for a classic avocado California roll, a seared beef nigiri or a vege-stuffed inari sushi pocket, Christchurch’s sushi options will not disappoint.

A woman eating a plate of sushi at RIce and Paper Christchurch.

To make life easier when it comes to curbing that sticky rice covered craving, we’ve put together some of our favourite spots to check out this week.

A chef slicing salmon for sushi at Tomi Japanese restaurant.

Tomi Japanese Restaurant

Edgeware Mall, 76 Edgeware Road, Saint Albans, Christchurch

One of the small hidden treasures of the Christchurch culinary scene is the Japanese restaurant Tomi, situated within Edgeware Village. Tomi has a strong return customer base with sushi and sashimi being a standout favourite and speciality. The fish is sourced from the local fish market, and there’s also fresh tuna when it’s in season.

When it comes to sushi, Tomi’s offering is simple yet beautifully executed. Pieces of seafood or seared beef nigiri are offered alongside vege, teriyaki chicken and salmon sushi rolls and on the dinner menu, there’s a soft crab sushi roll for those after something a bit different.

A plate of sushi on a table.


173 High Street

Quantity and quality are the name of the game at Mugen, a favourite pick-your-own spot with over 30 varieties of sushi on offer. As you might expect when there’s this number of sushi options available, Mugen’s menu goes beyond the classic sushi rolls and delves into more exotic and luxurious combinations such as breaded prawn, beef cheek and fish roe.