Guide12 Hours Christchurch

Although the city has a shaky history, it’s a serious misconception to think Christchurch has nothing to offer visitors post the 2011 earthquake.

A man making a cocktail.

The neatest things to see, eat and do

From the golden Port Hills to the sea and spray of its many beaches, Christchurch is bursting with a new generation of café, restaurant and eatery owners – providing some of the best hospitality scenes seen here yet.


There’s no time for sleeping in a city as beautiful as this one, plus there’s way too much adventuring to be done to justify another hour in bed. So hop to it and head on out to discover the city in the morning light.


As the clock rolls around to midday the things to do just keep coming, so rally the troops and kick on through to the next round of happenings.


With no time for an after-lunch sit down sorry (unless you count being back on your bike as one) and that’s because the itinerary demands you just keep moving! So buckle that helmet and get ready for what’s next.


As dusk settles in the Garden City don’t be fooled into thinking things slow down. Instead gear up for the time when evening eateries, restaurants and bars open their doors.