Guide12 hours Wanaka

A place where every house in town seems to have a million-dollar view, can’t be a bad place to spend 12 hours, and with endless activities both indoor and out, Wanaka will be sure to charm even the toughest of critics.

Women drinking wine.

The neatest things to see, eat and do.

When the locals aren’t out and about in the forests, hills or lake, you’ll find them in town eating, drinking and wearing some of the best in the business, and you should join them.


Not surprisingly this is a town of early-risers, and how can you blame them when you’re waking up to a view as magnificent as Lake Wanaka. Join the locals and head out into town bright and early to see what’s going on.


As the morning rush passes don’t be fooled into thinking there’s a lull in action in town. If numbers have decreased since the AM it’s probably because everyone is out hiking, biking, kayaking or swimming. Feel free to do the same, but just know there’s plenty more to see in town too.


An afternoon in Cardrona Valley is something traveller dreams are made of, hence why you’ll see so many beaming people out this way, and if you don’t check yourself you’ll end up just like them.


Evening time may be cooler on the thermometer but you still need to be able to handle the heat of a fun night out in town.

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