The Bread Guy

Sam Ellis

If one thing is evident when talking with Sam Ellis of Grizzly Baked Goods, it’s his absolute passion for baking bread and for preserving the time honoured process within today’s instantaneous society.

What is a typical day for you like?

Make the kids an unnecessarily elaborate breakfast, then fill their lunchboxes with baked goods and send them off to school. Head to the bakery and prep for the day ahead. Our process really kicks off around 11am each day when we start mixing our sourdough breads. Honestly, it's kind of a blur until 5pm when the rest of our amazing team comes in (shoutout Phoebe! Tim! Lulu!) for the dividing and shaping of breads and bagels. The team bakes until the wee hours, but I'm *usually* home, making the kids an unnecessarily elaborate dinner.

What's the best part about being a goods maker in Christchurch?

As a baker, Canterbury is the ideal place to be situated. As well as producing some amazing fresh produce, Canterbury produces much of New Zealand's wheat and grains, so we are able to find some excellent products, form a great relationship with growers and really get to know the product inside and out. Our best example of that is our relationship with Milmore Downs. They produce some of the best flour available to us, and it all happens to be grown and milled 90 minutes from the bakery. They operate a biodynamic farm, and being able to talk with them and visit the farm really makes us appreciate what we are using.

What music do you like to work to?

We listen to three things: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Doughboys podcasts and the Modernist Bread Crumbs podcast (because we are full time bread nerds).

Any other bakers/makers about town you keep your eye on?

There's some really great bakers in Christchurch right now. I love what Bellbird and Bohemian Bakery's are doing, but you gotta respect that Japanz bakery make the best vegetarian pie of all time. Is South City a Neat Place?

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