The Woman With the Mixer

Jordan Rondel, The Caker

We had a quick chat with Jordan Rondel from The Caker in Auckland to find out what’s behind the magic in the kitchen that’s got sweet treat lovers excited all over the globe.

Find Jordan at The Caker

446 Karangahape Road, Newton

It’s lucky for us Jordan Rondel even has time to answer interview questions, and that’s because the 20-something year old behind The Caker shot to fame in astonishingly quick time with her classy cakes that take baking to a whole new level.

Where did you learn your baking skills?

I am a self-taught baker, meaning I never studied the art of pastry. However, I remember first falling in love with baking when I spent time in Paris with my grandparents who are incredibly good bakers. They taught me the importance of using the best ingredients possible and instilled in me the beauty of sharing your creation with the people you love. From there I practised, practised and practised, and over time became the baker I am today. 

What's the best part about being a goods maker in Auckland?

I love the small business community we have in Auckland. I've experienced nothing but support and kindness on my journey so far, and therefore always try to do the same with other goods creators out there. 

What tunes are usually playing in your kitchen?

You can see here for my current ultimate Caker playlist.

You’ve got an epic style, what threads are you loving most at the moment?

I'm into wearing super casual, tom-boyish clothes at the moment, so you'll see me in Dickies or Carhartt pants with a cropped singlet and Docs, or denim cutoffs with a t-shirt and Vans. I rarely wear dresses or skirts, but I do love my ankle-length black silk Lonely Hearts dress which I can just chuck on and immediately look a bit more feminine.

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