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Kazuya is an absolute pleasure to visit. From the moment you arrive, till the moment you leave, you’ll feel as though any responsibility that may have been imparted to you for the night is magically whisked away – now in the hands of the trusty waiter.

Kazuya is named after head chef and owner Kazuya Yamauchi. After ten years working in a prominent Italian restaurant in Tokyo, Kazuya moved to New Zealand where he was the head chef at Auckland restaurants Rice and Cibo, before moving on to establish Kazuya.

Options at Kazuya are European-Japanese influenced meals with five or seven course set menus and a degustation. Prices vary depending the number of courses and whether there is a wine match involved.

It would take more than a page to describe the delicacies – so we’ll stick to the highlights. An amuse-bouche of seasonal vegetable spherification, a spoonful of vegetable soup that has been contained within a gelatinous skin. You pop this little beauty into your mouth and it bursts with an intense flavour and texture. Pretty cool, right? Another impressive dish encompasses temperature and texture – duck with pumpkin puree and an onion ice cream. Finally – vegetables thirty different ways. Vegetables arranged in a manner that resembles an artwork, with accompanying sauces and mixes specially designed for the specific vegetable, delicioius.

The interior is simple with black leather bench seats, providing privacy if necessary, rich wooden floors and refined white tablecloths. The seating is minimal, allowing multiple opportunities to preview what will be served – so be prepared to be drooling well before you have even decided which side of the table is best to sit on.

A quick word about the service – award-winning. The manager and sommelier Mojo Horiuchi won Cuisine’s Good Food Guides 2014 Restaurant Personality of the Year. Extremely safe hands to be in. So, whether you are a fine-dining aficionado or fairly new to the whole scene, Kazuya provides a relatively reasonable option for an award-winning, and gloriously decadent meal.

Words by Nic Brookland & Photography by Josh Griggs

Eden Terrace

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