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503 New North Road, Kingsland

09-849 7693

Eleanor Ozich is a big name in the food blogging world. Ozich’s blog Petite Kitchen has cemented itself as the go-to site for inspiration when it comes to healthy and wholesome eating. And now, with the opening of Mondays Wholefoods in the effervescent suburb of Kingsland, you can have your fix of Petite Kitchen and eat it too. Mondays is run by Ozich and her business partner Hannah.

Tucked down a laneway, while a little elusive at first, the small wholefoods café quickly reveals itself – covered in gorgeous vines, it’s hard to miss. Inside, the conversion of the downstairs shop space is simply lovely and there’s a wonderful air of resourcefulness about the place.

Food offerings are nothing but wholesome. This is a menu that has been curated with your body in mind, so expect plenty of fruit, plenty of vegetables, plenty of raw food and wholesome grains. The focus on healthy food hasn’t, however, come at the expense of taste. It’s healthy food without leaving you feeling as though you’re eating rabbit food. Instead, you’ll feel truly satisfied and undoubtedly nourished. Raw super food smoothies are a Mondays favourite, and best of all are free of refined sugar, which can only be good for you. Coffee lovers, don’t fear: Supreme Coffee is brewed beautifully here.

While some might be a little cynical about the whole healthy eating movement, Mondays proves that eating healthily doesn’t mean eating boring. Hannah and Eleanor’s knowledge of eating in a manner that is good for you shines through not only in their breakfast and lunch offerings, but also in the impressive range of health and wholefood products they stock in their cute shop.

Words by Grace Hall & Photography by Naomi Haussmann

503 New North Road, Kingsland

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