Food for Thought

Mon - Sun 10am - 4pm

Shop 59b The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston., Located on the Boardwalk

Food For Thought was created for anyone who enjoys eating well, living well, supporting local and saving the planet. If you like any or all of these things head straight for their shop at The Tannery on Garlands Road.

A pantry refillery and retail store, Food For Thought provides high quality, well made, delicious, useful and fun eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products.

Owners, Deneale and Charlie, have sourced an impressive array of food stuffs, cleaning, home and bathroom items that tick all the boxes. And they just get it. They’re parents with full time jobs and their hectic lifestyle is exactly what inspired them to create a sustainable yet convenient and affordable shopping option for their very own neighbourhood east of the Christchurch CBD.

In the pantry section you’ll find a carefully curated selection of bulk pantry staples. Food For Thought stocks flours, nuts, beans, spices, seeds, sugars, spices, herbs, loose teas, dried fruits, pastas, poletnas, rices and so much more. They’ve got a peanut butter mill, a Lyttelton Coffee Co. grinding station and a dedicated baking section which features items like desiccated coconut, vegan chocolate chips, maca powder and cocoa powder. Most of their stock is organic and much of it is sourced locally.

Package free grocery shopping sounds great as a concept but the admin of washing and remembering your own containers puts some off of the idea. Food For Thought, however, stocks compostable bags. “Don’t sacrifice your jars as casualties in the car,” Deneale says. Tip these eco-friendly bags into your storage vessels at home and re-use them however you see fit.

Not ready to make a complete switch to a package free lifestyle? Don’t sweat it, Deneale says, even making one small change can have a big impact. That’s why Food For Thought offers an equally impressive retail section full of sustainable goods for the everyday. They’ve got eco-friendly toothbrushes, keep cups, tampons, skin care, lunch boxes, cleaning products and an Eco-Store refillery station.

Whether you need to restock your whole pantry or are after a specific sustainable option, Food For Thought covers all the bases and gives shoppers an opportunity to reduce their ecological footprint in a way that just makes sense.

Words by Olivia Sisson & Photography by Nancy Zhou

Shop 59b The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston., Located on the Boardwalk

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