The Vagabond Chefs

See their website for times and locations!

Winging their way from Manchester and Whanganui respectively, Andy Tonge and Morgan Lonergan (aka The Vagabond Chefs) have found themselves in Christchurch with a food truck and catering business delivering tasty street food to the masses.

Rolling up and serving their Asian-style lunches all over town Monday through to Friday, you can take your pick from steamed bao buns or handmade potato focaccia stuffed with a variety of fillings made with ingredients from ethical and sustainable sources. There are salads, rice bowls and soup on offer too, along with gluten free cakes and slices.

Both highly trained and experienced chefs, Morgan and Andy have partnered up to create a brand that is synonymous with good quality tasty food, as opposed to being pigeonholed into a certain style of food or a particular cuisine. So expect Asian, South American, Moroccan, Japanese and Australian influences on their ever-evolving menu.

They set up shop at different sites all over town (check their website and social media pages for locations), and if you can’t make it out to see them in your lunch break, never fear, they offer a personal catering service. Tailoring their menus to suit the requirements of the occasion, Morgan and Andy can whip up countless small plates on biodegradable plates for a large party, a 12 course plated dinner or a cooking demonstration where guests can get hands on with dinner preparation. With a preference for South American and Asian cuisine, you can expect light and flavoursome meals when these guys cook for you.

The Vagabond Chefs are an impressive addition to the city’s growing food truck and at-home catering scene.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Naomi Haussmann