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Sisters Margo and Rosa Flanagan have been on their own food journey for quite some time. After learning about how they could use food to navigate some of the challenges that came their way, the pair realised just how powerful the stuff can be. From there they’ve quite literally made it their business to help others reap the benefits of whole foods and plant based cooking in a way that makes sense for modern living. Everything they do in their cookbooks, courses, workshops and demonstrations sticks to this vision.

The duo’s first cookbook launched in 2019 with over 100 easy-to-follow recipes that show just how beautiful, economic and delicious plant based cooking can be - it’s a firm favourite and best seller. The sisters have a second cookbook set to release in October 2020 that home chefs all over NZ simply can’t wait to get their hands on.

When Margo and Rosa aren’t travelling around New Zealand hosting workshops or writing new recipes you can find them at the Two Raw Sisters Kitchen on Welles Street within The Welder, the city’s spot for all things health and wellness. If you’ve passed by before you may have even spotted them inside teaching a workshop or testing dishes. Their workshops are fun and interactive, attracting everyone from people who grew up on meat + 3 veg to those who  want to become inspired to incorporate plants into their diet. Attendees have included everyone from mums to students and professional athletes to a wide range of community and social groups.

Summers salads, one of Two Raw Sisters most popular workshops, takes place in the warmer months and is a crash course in leveraging what’s available right here at home. With access to such a wide range of beautiful produce year round in Canterbury, knowing what to mix, when to use it and in what proportions can be tricky. We’ve all ended up with over done salads and earthy mixes that just don’t satisfy. Margo and Rosa’s workshop combats all of that and makes it easy to get creative, stay on budget and achieve a big yum factor while incorporating ingredients that your engine needs. All Two Raw Sisters workshops are built from the ground up with whole, unprocessed dry goods (gluten, dairy and refined sugar are never the go-to) and local, seasonal produce. Check their website or social media to see what exciting options are currently on offer.

Some of the sisters’ favourite dishes include salted roasted banana caramel slice and tahini miso cauliflower which can be found in their new cookbook - All Eaters Welcome - and in their demonstrations. Margo and Rosa love seeing people’s reactions to plant based cooking as they realize that cooking healthy can be delicious, cost effective, super easy and inspiring all at once. Two Raw Sisters also hosts private events, demonstrations and workshops within their own space (or yours!).

Words by Olivia Sisson & Photography by Nancy Zhou

Welles Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

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