Green Dinner Table

A chef by trade, Tom Riley started incorporating more plants into his diet about five years ago. When he noticed that other Kiwis were trying to do the same but struggling to make it work amidst busy lifestyles he decided to launch a solution. Enter Green Dinner Table.

Green Dinner Table offers colourful, flavourful and low impact vegan meal kits that never compromise on taste. Delivered straight to your door and composed of seasonal produce, house made nut butters and creams, local baked goods, fragrant spices and simple recipes, Green Dinner Table meals tell the story of local people and producers moving plant-based food from blah to ta-da!

Each box contains carefully selected local ingredients and easy to follow recipes. One example, jackfruit souvlakis, which feature cardamom roasted jackfruit with clove, chilli and onion, fresh pita bread, tzatziki, beetroot, carrot, potatoes and fermented tomato sauce. Every meal is full of flavour, colour and easy to prepare.

Tom and business partner, Chris, are both passionate about their work. Tom’s initial shift towards veganism grew out of a desire to make every meal delicious as his wife embraced animal rights. Chris made the transition after working in the health and fitness industries. As a result, Green Dinner Table checks all the boxes.

Green Dinner Table creates much of what their meal kits include in their own kitchen. We’re talking nut-based sour cream, tamarillo chutney, fermented chilies, sauerkrauts, kim chi and more. What they don’t make, they source from Canterbury’s finest producers. They work with Streamside Organics, Grizzly Baked Goods, Hemp Connect, Robinsons Bay Olive Oil and a host of other local suppliers.

When Tom launched the service four years ago, he delivered just a handful of boxes at a time. Now, the business delivers to Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga as well as Christchurch. To try it, simply head to Green Dinner Table’s website where you can get a one-off delivery, set up a recurring order, and pause, skip or cancel anytime. Because the service is so flexible, it’s a great way to save time and give yourself a healthy boost regardless of what diet you keep. Gluten-free boxes are also available.

With hundreds of recipes in the archives and new ones being developed each week, Green Dinner Table will keep your evening meals interesting, delicious and healthy. Did we mention you can add a seasonal fruit box too? 

Words by Olivia Sisson & Photography by Nancy Zhou & supplied by Green Dinner Table

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