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328 Wainui Main Road, Akaroa

03-304 5141

Sheep are an iconic part of our landscape and economy - they outnumber New Zealanders ten to one. While they’ve surely done their bit, the almighty and adorable alpaca also deserves a bit of fanfare. We suggest a visit Shamarra Alpacas to learn more about these incredible creatures and to get to know them yourself.

Not to be confused with llamas, alpacas produce half the amount of fleece that sheep do, but that fleece is three times as warm, significantly less scratchy and comes in a stunning array of browns, grays, blacks, tans and creams. It’s their distinctive and hilarious personalities, however, that first captured owners Frank and Anya’s attention over fifteen years ago.

They now graze 170 alpacas on their farm on Banks Peninsula. Perched above Akaroa Harbour with views of Akaroa and the Pacific Ocean beyond, Shamarra Alpacas offers a one of a kind alpaca experience.

Open 362 days a year, the Shamarra team hosts four tours a day. Out in the pasture you’ll meet alpacas like Flirt a three time supreme winner, Tiramisu who was voted prettiest alpaca in NZ and Creme Brulee named for her richly coloured fleece. The team know most of the alpacas by name and know their habits, hairstyles and temperaments, too. Frank has a soft spot for Rising Sun who he says is just “a really cool dude”. 

On the tour you’ll pet the alpacas, feed them a few snacks and get an in-depth lesson on all of their virtues from the knowledgeable tour guides. Don’t worry about getting spat on either, these alpacas are used to humans and are very well behaved.

Shamarra’s alpacas are sheared once a year and their fleece is woven into luxurious throws, jumpers, scarves and more. After your tour, be sure to check out the on-site store where you can purchase an alpaca product for yourself. Shamarra pieces are ultra-soft, sustainable, never dyed, produced exclusively within New Zealand and can also be purchased at Shopology in Christchurch’s CBD. The natural hues and delicious textures are hard to resist. 

So come check out this beautiful spot, meet the dedicated farmers and get to know their 170 four legged friends - a trip to Akaroa wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Shamarra Alpacas.

Words by Olivia Sisson & Photography by Nancy Zhou

328 Wainui Main Road, Akaroa

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