Olveston House

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42 Royal Terrace, North Dunedin

03-477 3320

In 1966 Mrs. Dorothy Theoman died and, much to the surprise of the Dunedin Council, this wealthy heiress donated her enormous house and all of its contents to the city. Step inside her inner-city mansion and you will find her home just as she left it, a time-warp to a decadent existence unlike anything this country will see again. There are four floors with over 17,000 ‘things’, from china to rugs to ornaments, and everything electrical works just as the day it was bought. Every wall in the house, save the kitchen, is filled to the brim with art, with works by the likes of Goldie, Frances Hodgins, and William Russel Flint.

The Theoman family were great world travellers, and collected artifacts from all over the world. This is not a cold and dreary museum, but a world alive with all of the eccentricities of a family home, and you will learn the rich and interesting history of the Theoman family as you pass through each room – from the Japanese armory to the Turkish smoking den.

Next time you feel like escaping reality for an afternoon, step across the threshold and down the rabbit hole of Olveston House, a truly fantastic experience.

Words by Abigail Egden & Photography by Naomi Haussmann

42 Royal Terrace, North Dunedin

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