You can tell a lot about a city by its markets, and the Otago Farmers Market is sure proof that Dunedin goods traders are well and truly flourishing down South. On every Saturday from 8:30am - 12:30pm, the market at the iconic Dunedin Railway Station is every fresh produce lovers dream. Think loaves, lemons, crepes and carrots, seedlings and slices, the Otago Farmers Market doesn’t hold back on impressing visitors, and as rule number one; make sure you come hungry - there’s plenty of eating to do here.

If you’re after a taste of the city to take home with you, then forget trying to pack the cappuccino or crayfish you had at lunch, Dunedin goods makers are experts at making sure you can have something just as delicious but far more travel hardy. Produce made in the region has all the makings of things made well by folks who have spent plenty of time perfecting their craft and tinkering with recipes passed on by generations gone before. Find plenty of Dunedin goods and produce in the cafes, restaurants and eateries about town as this is a place that’s proud of its successful locals and doesn’t shy away from letting you know.