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405 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central

022 646 8554

If you’re looking for a soft, gentle place to view contemporary art while you’re in Hamilton, climb the stairs to find tucked away Tacit gallery. The pint-sized gallery changes its exhibitions every two and a half weeks, proof that there’s both a hunger from the community to see new art, and passionate artists prepared to exhibit.
Greenery grows around edges of the archway door (made up of beautifully dated interior windows), and complements the vintage green sofa brilliantly. This upstairs space on Victoria Street is also used by practising artists and boutique clothes retailers, creating a tightly knit little group which all open their doors during new exhibition openings too.
Wanting to be an accessible gallery for as many artists as possible, Tacit focuses less on individual shows (which some artists might find hard to fork out for), and instead opts for group shows where both costs and hierarchy become less of an issue. Committed to including a percentage of Tangata Whenua and Asia Pacific rim artists in every show, means you can always expect a diverse and eclectic mix of art. Co-directors and curators Nicole and Ellie are determined to decolonize the arts scene and bring a shift to the way art has typically been viewed in Hamilton.
Typically looking for artists outside of Hamilton means Tacit avoids becoming the echo chamber of local artists viewing local art that can sometimes befall galleries. Instead they curate their own shows by simply looking a little further afield for who might want to exhibit with them. Shows are always curated around a theme too, meaning those who may not usually find themselves in a gallery environment have somewhat of a platform to feel included from. Even if contemporary art is not your usual cup of tea, a visit to cool, calm Tacit will ensure you walk away feeling something.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

405 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central

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