With an undergrad in social work, there’s every reason to see why Laree, owner and operator of art gallery Weasel, has a real interest in people and building a vibrant and inclusive CBD. With a strong interest in accessibility, Laree has created a space which displays high quality contemporary art, sans the pretentious feel that many non-art-experts dread.  
Operating from a 1915 building which has plenty of character, the gallery is a pleasant mix up in the world of contemporary art, where the usual formal aesthetic is replaced with a fun mustard front door and simple but smart interior. An opening and change of exhibition every three weeks means things are constantly on the move here – good for the art enthusiasts of Hamilton who come to see the  work of local artists as well as those from wider NZ and overseas.
Quiet and serene (apart from opening nights that is) there’s no pressure to speak art here, instead make your way through the always open front door and simply take a moment to appreciate what’s on display.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs