No strangers to sitting back with a good brew, Hamilton locals know a good bar when they see one. Lucky then that Hamilton bars are of such a high standard that it’s super easy to head on down and stay for a cold pint or two, and much harder to know when to head home (although if you’re planning on kicking up your heels all night, Hamilton bars cater for that too). Approximately 40,000 tertiary students call Hamilton home in the study months, so an upbeat and playful nightlife is easy to find down the main strip during the end of the week. Spend the evening trying out a local craft brew, then get your best party frock on for when the lights go down and the music turns up.

Home to a handful of local breweries means Hamilton bars are spoilt for choice when it comes to offering their customers a cold one made in the area, and as the population continues to grow, so does the towns appetite for classy, crafty and unique beers.

Relaxed and easygoing, bars in this Waikato township offer the rugby-watching, pizza-eating, fun and friendly experience that are reminiscent of the days of old when hospitality was less about how slick the bartender looked, and more about how well they poured a pint. Yet if it’s slick you’re wanting, Hamilton bars aren’t one to exclude you. Find hidden cocktail bars here as proof the booming town caters to many styles and tastes - the dimly lit moody corners and glittering shelves of spirits the perfect background to watching the talented bartenders work their magic.