Crikey, we hope you’ve got some room in your luggage, that’s because after trying some of the local Hamilton produce and goods about the place, you’ll be wanting to stack as many loaves, beers, beans and tubs of ice cream you can fit in. Hamilton goods makers really are top of their game, and for a region based largely on agriculture, these crafters, makers and shakers are proof that this city is not content to simply be ‘cow town’ anymore.

A growing city that has retained its small town feel in many ways, Hamilton goods makers are well supported by cafes and restaurants who offer their baking, beers and bite sized treats as menu items too. Grabbing a sandwich from the local? The bread was likely baked that morning by some fellow Waikato friends. The kind of products that have glowing reputations all round the country, don’t be surprised to find some visitors to Hamilton have come on a strict mission basis - ie. to find the best ice creams the region has ever seen.