9 Taranaki Walks and Where to Treat Yourself After

A view of the very green Goblin Forest inside Mount Taranaki
Taranaki is a natural playground, with its wild coastline, rugged terrain and majestic Maunga.

Juno Gin

Dave looking at still at Juno Gin, New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki

The origins of New Plymouth’s boutique gin distillery, Juno, is a compelling tale of relentless passion and a scientific approach.

Nice Hotel and Restaurant

The colourful and luxurious living room inside Nice Hotel.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
Restaurants icon

At the top of a hill, on the cusp of the green Pukekara...


A wide winding river.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki

Tūpare is an idyllic landscaped garden and homestead on the outskirts of New Plymouth.

New Plymouth Coastal Walkway

Four nude female sculptures sitting on a bench looking out towards the ocean.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki

A melting pot of folks - young and old - congregate on the 13.2km New Plymouth Coastal Walkway.

Pukekura Park

A view of a building from across the lake.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki

Meander up to Pukekura Park from the centre of New Plymouth and soak up the serenity and calmness.