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Ōamaru and the greater Waitaki are marked by stunning coastline, sweeping views of the Southern ranges, swathes of lush farmland and carefully preserved native bush. It’s impressively rugged, but even so it’s supremely bikeable - even if you’re just starting out.

In terms of two wheels the area’s best-known biking route has to be the Alps to Ocean. Known locally as the A2O, this starts at Aoraki Mount Cook and ends 315 kilometres later in the heart of Ōamaru - basically at the doorstep of Cycle Ventures, one local business that’s all about bikes.

Owner, Rob, started the business about twelve years ago to support the A2O and its many riders. Nowadays he and the team still run tours but also have a full range of bikes and associated gear for sale in the shop plus full repair services.

Cycle Venture’s A2O tours are one of a kind. They’re full of amazing views, hard but not too hard pedalling, unique accommodation and killer kai. Rob and his guides know the area well from years of riding it themselves. Apart from their bike know how, they also know all of the restaurant owners, publicans and hotel keepers along the way. They’ve been running these rides for almost ten years and have it down to a science. The seven day tour is one to remember, so much so that some participants have returned three times to do it all again.

If you’re not prepared for a full week on the A2O, don’t sweat it. Cycle Ventures hosts a range of tours some of which are just a day. Pop into the shop or head along to their website to read about them all. In the storefront you’ll also find a big range of all that you need to get (or keep) biking.

While Cycle Ventures rents out gear, they also stock new bikes and riding accessories from some of the best in the industry like Sram, GT, Shimano Norco. If you’ve already fallen down the biking rabbit hole here you can bring your bikes in for repairs and peruse new gear, too. Cycle Ventures has it all - road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, kid bikes, balance bikes.

Words by Olivia Sisson & Photography by Nancy Zhou

4 Wansbeck Street

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