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68, Queensberry Terrace, Queensberry

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For companies that pride themselves on having a story to tell, Archangel certainly takes the cake. (Buckle your seatbelts wine lovers, coz this one’s a goodie.) The story starts in 1940 during wartime when two young women were forced from their homes in Eastern Poland into Northern Russia to a place called Arkhangelsk. Although the girls never met, they were the same age and on the exact same path, travelling on an identical journey for some years through Asia, Iran and Kenya before eventually arriving in the UK and finally learning their intertwined histories. Continuing their shared life path, the young women met and married two young Polish officers;  now fast forward a generation and you've guessed it - the resulting children from the two separate but very much connected families, met and fell in love.
The result is a beautiful 11 ½ hectare vineyard in Central Otago dedicated to recognizing the bravery of those two early heroines, who survived unimaginable horrors and who encapsulate everything beautiful about serendipity, friendship and love. People who come to the vineyard expecting just a wine tasting will be blown away with the story telling that accompanies the grapes, and Zenek (the grandson of the women in the story) is amazingly apt at leaving you in suspense till the very last moment. Once you’re over the initial shock of what seems by all accounts like a movie script, put your feet up and enjoy some of the finest wines in the region in the Archangel tasting room. Specialising in aromatics, and well-known for their chardonnay and pinot noir, the family behind Archangel are rightly pleased with how their wine is received (and all credit really is to them as they planted the vines themselves when they first arrived).
Lovers of art as well as wine, Archangel boasts some striking pieces both inside and out thanks to the clever crafting of Zenek’s mum Mary, who holds a masters in fine arts. A habit of collecting vintage furniture and props also comes in handy for the many hen’s parties and stag dos that are held here as warmups to weddings.
Not worried if you’re a first time wine drinker or an accustomed connoisseur, the family behind Archangel want to make everyone feel welcome at their place, and whether you’re coming for art, wine or food, be prepared to leave with a story to tell.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

68, Queensberry Terrace, Queensberry

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