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Post Office Lane, 33 Ardmore Street

03-428 4140

If there’s one thing you should know about Ode, it’s that when they do food, they do it damn well.

With a real passion for the earth and what it provides (especially for inventive chefs!) head chef Lucas Parkinson and his small team of warriors (fiancé Larissa, Sous Chef Nico and entertaining matre-de Jim) are on a mission to educate, enlighten and ethically feed the people of Wanaka all at the same time.

Forever conscious of the impact their choices as a restaurant have on the environment and communities that surround them, Ode takes locally sourced to a whole new level – over 70% is sourced or foraged from within 100km of Wanaka. And if that doesn’t impress you, then what they do with that produce surely will. Each plate is presented immaculately and with the type of artistic flair that is now synonymous with head chef Lucas. The team of food heroes are innovatively passionate about offering an alternative to fast, processed food by creating a haven down Post Office Lane, where everything served is organic, ethical and from sustainable sources.

Test Kitchen Tuesdays are a creative way to try out the new dishes Ode is offering, and for $55 you’ll get 5 of Lucas’s most inventive dishes based on available produce that week. Fun names on the menu keep the tone playful too, with choices like ‘old school love’ and ‘dance with the devil’ keeping guests entertained even before their meal has arrived.

Ode is also doing weekday breakfasts and Brunch from 8am Wednesday to Sunday. Following the same loving principles as their evening dining, but with a relaxed Al a cart menu that leaves your tastebuds craving more. From seasonally foraged mushrooms to local organic eggs and the classic spider float to take you back to the 80’s. There is a lot to love about Ode for breakfast!

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Supplied

Post Office Lane, 33 Ardmore Street

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