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28 Helwick Street, Wanaka

027 543 1470

French composite and materials specialist, Alex, and New Zealand human rights lawyer, Monique, are the heart and soul behind Wanaka’s concept store & tea house, centered around conscious living.

It all began with Alex’s mission to transform the composite industry using natural, sustainable flax fibres. While the journey started with a simple iPhone case, he soon shifted his focus to everyday objects that will stand the test of time, leading to the creation of design #1: the design studio’s award-winning chair. Other concepts currently in the design phase are design #2: the bike, and design #3: the baby box.

In 2014, Alex and Monique joined forces to evolve the studio into a sustainable, circular design brand with a focus on ethically-made products. You’ll find their brick-and-mortar, Revology, tucked inside The Precinct - one of Wanaka’s most beautiful shopping areas. Here they offer a curated selection of ethical, sustainable goods from makers that share their ethos, as well as their studio’s original designs, which are meant to last, evolve, and be repaired. 

While meandering through the inviting and industrial space you’ll come across beautifully made lifetime objects - a metal lunchbox, reusable bags, and woven baskets, for instance - as well as vintage goods brought over from Alex’s home country in France.

In the same space, you’ll also be invited to relax and unwind with a cup of tea from the on-site Tea House, as both Alex and Monique share a passion for the cosy beverage. The flavourful teas feature herbs sourced right here in New Zealand. Simply choose a tea to sample before purchasing a 50 gram jar to take home, and bring it back for a refill when your jar is empty. It’s clear that the concept store and Tea House prioritise circular consumption in more ways than one. 


Words by Caitlin Brown & Photography by Nancy Zhou

28 Helwick Street, Wanaka

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