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9 Boulcott Street, Wellington Central

022 643 2234

Not offering your average New Zealand café options, Machete specialise instead in tacos and coffee. Located within a stone’s throw of the busy intersection of Willis and Manners Street, Machete provides the perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle.

Owned and operated by Paul Day and Cesar Cua, the Machete concept was developed from years of living and revelling in the specialty coffee scene in both New York and Cesar's homeland, Guatemala. The central Wellington café has a New York apartment feel, with high ceilings and specific design pieces, including the honey comb wall created by Newtown design company, Pollen. The slick coffee brew bar and various table sizes and styles create a modern inviting environment regardless of your group size or mood.

The teams passion for the American speciality coffee scene is evident through the emphasis on coffee. Partnering with Coffee Supreme they showcase single origin options on rotation delivered by brewing methods such as espresso, pour over and syphon, with milk needs met by Zany Zeus. Alongside the coffee focus there’s tea from Noble & Savage and a selection of juices. Also available is 'shrub'; an American drink made popular in the 17th and 18th century consisting of macerated fruit, sugar and various vinegars served with soda water and ice. The tacos are a nod to Central American life, where seasonal local produce is rotated regularly to create three ever-changing options like pork belly, chicken or fresh shrimp. To accompany the tacos is mole, salsa, and a vast selection of imported dried chillies which can be incorporated dependent on your spice tolerance. There’s also a simple breakfast menu offering bircher parfait with sour cherry preserves and a seasonal selection of tartines, including avocado on toast with chili, lemon coriander, onion and lime.

Bright splashes of colour and greenery are a tribute to the lush green land of Guatemala and the vibrancy of the culture there, while the ethos of the place is all about establishing a community space for customers, (including being dog friendly!)

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

9 Boulcott Street, Wellington Central

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