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Left Bank Lane, Te Aro

Deep in the recesses of Left Bank Lane you’ll find a true diamond in the rough, a place where dough rises quietly throughout the day before being turned into superb loaves by the talented team led by Catherine Adams. Trained as a pastry chef in Australia where there was also a massive ‘bread culture’, Catherine returned to New Zealand shores in 2014 to start Wellington Sourdough, which after continued success has led to the opening of her very own commercial bread kitchen and shop - Starta.

A breath of fresh air when it comes to a place to enjoy a coffee and sweet treat, the charm here is feeling like you’ve found a real hidden gem. The atmosphere is restful and the process from dough to dining is about as transparent as you get.

The former office space was decked out by Proffer – the polished concrete is a remnant of its past life, while the new American cedar wood detailing gives a fresh, clean cut look (and smells delicious too). 8 grain holders originally from Turkey make a dramatic display on the right as you walk in, and ordered alphabetically (from amaranth to sunflower seeds), these are the very 8 grains you can expect to find in the fresh No 3 'Seed & Grain' loaves behind the counter.

Take your pick from loaves No. 1, 3, 4 and 5 – the first being the classic sourdough that formed the basis of the whole range. The ‘inclusion loaves’ are for those who like their bread with a little more action, so try No. 4 with orange zest, fennel and coriander for a sultana loaf with a difference. Space in the kitchen to simmer their jams and chutneys has also been a highlight of opening their very own kitchen, so be prepared to see irresistible flavours like plum and rose, crabapple and vanilla and beetroot and juniper take centre stage on the shelves.

In a world where everything seems to be changing at rapid speed, it’s nice to know that when you turn up to Starta what’s on offer in the cabinet is consistent, freshly baked and seasonal.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

Left Bank Lane, Te Aro

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