If you are already wowed by Wellington’s eating and drinking scene, then the promise that you can also take some of the goods that you’ve been consuming home with you should come as tip top news. Wellington food and beverage makers are a creative and hardworking bunch of crafters who don’t settle for anything but the best. Don’t go thinking that gives them a pretentious air though, Wellington goods makers are nothing but humble, honourable and legends in their craft.

In true Wellington fashion, nothing is too far afield when it comes to buying goods - in fact some of the city’s favourite goods makers share laneways right in the centre city, meaning you can simply meander the streets and happen across some of the country’s best artisan goods. A bean-to-bar chocolate factory sits metres from Wellington’s own peanut butter makers, and the sweet cakes and bread you find at your local café have most likely come from food makers who reside just a stone’s throw away.

Pick up a jar of something pickled, a package of something grainy and grab a cake to-go and suddenly you’ve got an Instagram worthy Wellington lunch at home in your dining room - when you go to give thanks, simply look up on your way home, chances are you will be passing one of the local goods makers on your way from A to B.