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74 Constable Street, Newtown

04-380 0844

A neon sign above the counter flashes “Film Lives Here”. It’s one of the first things you see when you enter this small Newtown photography store specialising in analogue products and affordable on-site lab services. It is a reassurance that you’ve come to the right place, bolstered by their other slogans “Shoot More Film” and “No Shit Photos” - these guys live and breathe film photography and offer a professional and affordable service.

They’re knowledgeable too. Sean and the team are only too happy to pass on their expertise and encourage others to pursue and foster this passion that can be as much a lifestyle as a hobby. Splendid is truly a photographer’s paradise, with great tunes playing and freshly brewed coffee always hot in the Moccamaster.

These guys process C41 and B&W film as well as selling a wide range of film products and analogue accessories - if you can think of it they’ve got it, even the obscure stuff (lomography, large format, infrared, Super 8). Anything they haven’t got on hand can be ordered in, including top-of-the-line new gear for your digital or film setup. Developing on site is quick and affordable plus they offer scanning at social or print resolution, and you can even mail them your negatives if you’re based out of town!

If you’re more of a DIY-er make sure to check out the range of at-home developing equipment on offer. The kits make this process extremely simple and fun. If merch is more your thing you won’t want to miss the Splendid-branded ‘Double Hundy’ 35mm film - priced cheaply to include developing and social res scanning. There is also a range of ‘bootleg’ merch: retro-themed Splendid tees, enamel pins for film nerds and Kodak skate decks for the thrillseekers.

The team doesn’t just talk the talk either, they walk the walk too - literally. They host regular photo walks and events aimed at new and established photographers, often themed around a particular photography style or product/format. Participants pay a small cost that can include camera hire, film and developing services and get to experience a fun day out and about with a group of like-minded individuals. It doesn’t get much more splendid than that.

Words by Zack Holmes & Photography by Anna Briggs

74 Constable Street, Newtown

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