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60 Guyton Street

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Book lovers often seem to be very happy people, and the proof is in the pudding at Paige’s Book Gallery, where the owner of the locally operated and only independent bookstore in town Lesley, admits ‘there’s a lot of joy here.’ Travellers are said to somehow ‘sniff the place out’, Lesley the owner is unsure how they do it, but happy readers from the UK, Germany and further afield all manage to map their way to this little bookstore and revel in its goodness. It’s hardly surprising though when you walk in and smell the sweet unmistakable ‘new book’ scent that is every novel enthusiasts dream.

Book clubs, school groups and poetry people all take turns to visit and soak up some of the magic that is the newest or most loved literature. Paige’s also puts on events such as poetry evenings (the last which ended up being too popular for the small store, so the hosts had to change to a bigger venue), and the lovely women in store are hugely supportive of any writing talent cropping up in the township. A bronze cast head of James K Baxter sits on the counter, as a Whanganui schoolboy, and a former local who lived upriver, it’s not surprising this literary loving town is very proud to call him one of theirs.

A special adjoining room just for the small humans in our life is filled to the brim with colourful books to fill wild imaginations, and makes for the perfect wee hideaway for the young reader. The sunny reading couch out the front of the store is a popular spot, and Lesley says it’s not often it goes without some happy passerby sitting there thumbing through their new book, or perhaps contemplating their own autobiography.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

60 Guyton Street

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