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64A Taupo Quay

You’ll need to be careful where you step once in the doors at Quayside Antiques, and there’s certainly no room for swinging cats here. That’s because every nook and cranny is taken up by some sort of knick knack from days gone past. In classic antique store fashion, that somehow doubles the charm of the place, there’s a sense of ordered chaos here, and it could be hours before you can truthfully say you’ve looked at everything.

Vintage bikes hang from the ceiling, and old tools cram shelves (some which look completely archaic, but that’s where the super knowledgable staff come in – they’re happy to tell you what bizarre piece of machinery it is you hold in your hand). A generous record collection keeps music lovers happy, and old tunes play from the speakers, so as you delve deeper into the layered shop it’s easy to feel transported back in time. But because we now live in a world of modern technology, even DVDs and CDs find a home in this antique store – somewhat of an age check for the people who remember them fondly from their childhood days gone past.

A clothing section has everything from boots to fur coats, the book section has picture books from years ago, and the ceramic and crockery scattered throughout the store are the kinds that look good both on the wall, or as a fancy addition to your other kitchen plates.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

64A Taupo Quay

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