Taking its name from the Gaelic word for Edinburgh, there’s no denying Dunedin has a lot in common with its sister city across the globe.

Heritage buildings throughout this Southern town remind you that you’re in a place with history — let’s not forget New Zealand’s very own Larnach Castle exists on the outskirts. ‘Scarfies’ flock here to study at the renowned University of Otago, and make up a large portion of the overall population, making this a young, playful, and ambitious town that works in perfect juxtaposition with its Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

Visitors come to check out the world’s steepest street and the local Speights Brewery, which has kept cold beers in the hands of Southerners for over 140 years. And if they’re coming from London, then it’s going to be a long flight as Dunedin is the farthest city in the world from the big UK super city.

Impressive wildlife also calls Dunedin home, with the world’s only royal albatross colony perched atop the Otago Peninsula, alongside several penguin and seal colonies. Wild surf breaks, coastal beaches, and icy winters appeal to the rugged, but a growing love for fashion, literature, art, and hospitality, creates a diverse destination.

Otago Peninsula, New Zealand.