12 Hours Christchurch

Christchurch & Canterbury

Whether you're treating yourself, exploring the rebuilding city, or simply after a fresh take on home base, Christchurch is forever full of surprises. The Garden City is home to top of the line retail, quality eating and drinking establishments, and plenty of activities to nourish body and soul.

Neighbourhood - Christchurch & Canterbury

West End

With landmarks like the Arts Centre and the historic Canterbury Museum, there's plenty to love about the West End. Walk down from The Terrace towards the beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens, all you'll see what all the fuss is about. From the tram tracks to the collective of cultural hotspots. this is neighbourhood that is quintessentially Canterbury.

As the central city has been rebuilt after the 2011 earthquakes, there's been plenty invested in West End - from the building restorations, to swanky new office blocks. Dive into the swish restaurants and cafes tucked into ground floor haunts, and while away a morning exploring.