5 Sweet Treats to Try in Invercargill

Cabinet of cakes at Black Shag Espresso.

From doughnuts to slices, we’ve rounded up five of the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Invercargill.

Words by: Caitlin Brown

Photography by: Nancy Zhou

Whether you’re an Invercargill local or just popping by to explore, you won’t want to miss these delectable sweet treats, crafted with love by local makers dotted all across the city.

Doughnuts at Industry

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33 Arena Avenue, Avenal, Invercargill, Southland

A top notch neighbourhood spot in the industrial side of Invercargill, Industry’s caramel doughnuts features “white whip” (AKA white chocolate and cream cheese), caramel, freshly whipped cream, and caramel milk chocolate. Different flavours are on offer each Friday, but even if the caramel doughnut isn’t on the menu upon your visit, you’ll be well taken care of. Each option seems better than the next, with a couple of other favourite flavours, including banoffee and raspberry and lemon curd. Just get in quick before they sell out!

Raspberry Cheesecake at Seriously Good Chocolate Company

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147 Spey Street, Invercargill, Southland

It may be the “seriously good chocolate” company but the raspberry cheesecake definitely falls under the “seriously good” category as well. It features a light and fluffy center with local, freeze dried raspberries on top. The perfect go-to when you want something delightfully sweet without being overpowering.

Almond Croissant at Black Shag

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136 Dee Street, Invercargill, Southland

While the brunch menu is on hold at Black Shag, the cabinet is still filled with various goodies using local ingredients, including produce from the café's garden. Since it hit the scene, this almond croissant has been the bestseller. Think frangipane filled pastry doused in crispy shaved almonds. What's not to love? 

Hello Daisy Slice at The Pantry

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133 Grace Street, Appleby, Invercargill, Southland

A take on the traditional dessert called a Hello Rosie, the Hello Daisy slice trades raisins for apricots and chocolate chips for chocolate buttons (which means more chocolate for all of us--a definite win). The biscuit crumb adds the perfect texture to each bite, making it a no-brainer why this treat is one of The Pantry’s best sellers.

Peppermint Cremes at The Batch

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173 Spey Street, Invercargill, Southland

If it's possible, this decadent dessert from The Batch tastes even better than it looks. Featuring a crispy dark chocolate biscuit with a chewy centre, it all comes together with  a milky Peppermint cream, topped with a chocolate ganache. According to the chef, the secret to this recipe is using quality ingredients (especially the dark chocolate).

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