Karangahape Road

An old sign on Auckland's Karangahape Road.

The somewhat brighter more vivacious cousin of Ponsonby Road, Auckland's Karangahape Road boasts just as much foot traffic and loyal lovers who come for the vintage shopping and community-conscious eateries.

Affectionately known as ‘K Road’, the area took off after the expansion of nearby motorways from the 1960s. Its former reputation as a Red Light District has done nothing to deter visitors – instead, those who set up shop here seem somewhat proud of the area’s shady history, giving them a mysterious edge that transfers into both the fashion and food scene.

Don’t be surprised to see outfits that you wouldn’t see elsewhere in Auckland, as K Roaders pride themselves on the vintage and thrift shop scene they surround themselves with, and if you’re looking for that bargain second-hand t-shirt to finish your next look, this is the place to come.