Noble & Savage

A photo of Rupert Curry drinking a cup of tea.

Rupert Curry

Noble & Savage is Rupert Currry's Christchurch-based outfit producing light, fresh, and flavoursome teas using sustainable and ethically grown leaves and flowers from around the world.

Choose from black, green, red (Rooibos), white, or any one of their other fruity teas which come packaged in stylishly simple bright blue boxes, complete with tasting notes and serving recommendations. These teas are best served in a glass teapot or coffee plunger to watch the leaves and flowers dance before your eyes – it’s a bit of visual poetry to go with your thirst-quenching brew.

Noble and Savage is more than a wholesale tea company making sensational teas, and it’s the highly creative and innovative duo behind the name which makes the company an exciting brand to watch. Owners Rupert and Alan created Noble and Savage as a nod to the pioneers who first brought tea to New Zealand. They oversee every step of the tea making process, from harvest to the product you see on the shelves, and they have high hopes for their fledgling company, with ambitions to increase the retail side of operations. There are also plans to open their own tea house in Auckland in the near future which will educate drinkers on the flavours and origins of tea. In the meantime, you can purchase direct from their website.

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