Street view of Parnell Rise.

Parnell lies on the fringe of Auckland CBD, and is often cited as Auckland’s first suburb. Quite the claim in a city that now exceeds sixty ‘burbs. The history is evident in the historical architecture found within the neighbourhood; a visit to the Kinder House or Hulme Court offers a small window into the past.

Parnell - in recent years - has emerged as a home for bespoke dining experiences, excellent coffee, enviable boutique shopping and a precinct reminiscent of downtown New York. Shaking off its once prim and proper image. The concentration of dealer galleries in the area make it a go-to destination for Aucklanders on a mission to find coveted artwork.

Parnell is surprisingly green for its proximity to the city. Naturally blessed with a plethora of gardens and reserves; The Domain with its curiously charming Winter Gardens and inimitable Auckland Museum give the suburb a distinctive perimeter unlike any other.