Green fingers

Robyn Guyton

Robyn Guyton from Riverton's Environment Centre.

In the context of Robyn Guyton’s work, “local vigor” refers to how well prepared a seed is to thrive in its planting environment. Put simply, a seed produced in Southland will grow best in Southland as it has specifically adapted to the region’s soils and temperatures. Robyn has plenty ‘local vigor’ of her own which she uses to leverage and care for the lush landscapes and friendly people of Southland everyday.



Head to Gore for a chance to experience the best of the old and the new when it comes to Kiwi hospitality and culture. A fully restored art deco theatre, an internationally acclaimed art gallery and a moonshine museum give this town a personality and energy all its own. Annual events like the New Zealand Country Music Awards, New Zealand Ballet and the NZ International Film Festival all add to Gore’s vibrancy.

Gore also happens to be the Brown Trout Capital of the World. These famous fish can sometimes be seen in the Mataura River which runs through town and offers plenty of riverside strolls and grassy knolls to explore.