The Midnight Baker

A photo of the Midnight Baker.

Yeshe Dawa

Got queries on how bread can be wholesome and healthy? Well, it would be best to direct your questions to Yeshe Dawa, AKA The Midnight Baker.

A true multi-tasker, Yeshe was also working a full time job during the early days of the business, meaning the only time she had spare to bake her bread was at, you guessed it, midnight.

Where did you learn your baking skills?

Growing up baking with my Mum really, she has been my teacher in the kitchen since forever.  Making butterfly cakes and cookies on repeat was a good starting block.

 What's the best part about being a goods maker in Auckland?

Being able to connect, work with and share what we do with such a wide range of people.

What tunes are usually playing in your kitchen?

A mixture of Punjabi pop (Harry my production manager's favourite), and The Carpenter's Daughter ‘full moon’ playlists. The Carpenter's Daughter creates hand-made canvas and linen aprons, not to mention have an awesome taste in music!

What’s your favourite sandwich fillings?

You can’t go past avocado, aioli, tomato, gherkins and crunchy cos lettuce. Yum!

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